Trail 2. Istanbul – Konya – Tabuk–Al-‘Ula – Medina – Mecca

Starting in Istanbul you can follow the pilgrimage trail to Konya which is described in detail on xxx. We pick up the trail in Tabuk. From here the trail goes south passing Al-‘Ula the old capital of the ancient Lihyanites. The ruins of medieval times are proof of its foundation in the 13th century and it is located on the Incense route.

Trail 3. Bagdad – Arar – Sakaka – Tabuk– Al-‘Ula – Medina – Mecca

Trail 4. Basrah – Kuwait City – Hafar-al-Batin – Hail – Al-‘Ula – Medina – Mecca

Trail 1. Alexandria – Duba – Al Wash – Yanbu – Medina – Mecca

The old pilgrimage trail starts in Alexandria, Egypt. We pick up the trail in the small city of Duba which hasa port where ferries operate from to Egypt and Jordan. Overland you can reach Duba via Cairo and Aqaba. Duba is located in 3 valleys, Dahkan, Salma and Kafafah along the northern Red Sea coast and has a population of roughly 22,000 people. It is referred to as The Pearl of the Red Sea Al Wajh is a bigger than Duba and is one of the largest cities in the Tabuk region. The relatively small town is focused on fishing. Their port also used to be one of their main shippingcentres roughly 50 years ago.

Al Wajh is known for also being one of the best places in the Kingdom when it comes to beaches as they are nice, clean and beautiful.

Trail 5. Jiddah– Mecca

For those with limited time, we also highlight the trail from Jeddah


The chief international airports are at Dhahran, Riyadh, and Jiddah

Cellular telephone service is widespread, and access to the Internet is available in all major population centres.


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