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Natalia Mihai

From Jaber-as-Sirhan to Al Mudawwara

~ Desert Songs & other lyrics ~ A Love Letter 

“Unfold your own mirth as you become myth, living large as the newest folk hero as  you weave, as you forge the fine fibers of friendship, in dusty pants and a wide never ending smile.”

Even though the coffee puts hair on my teeth and the subsequent shudders coarse through me and as the stones speak succinct succulent Sufi stories; I be loving you under the lights of a thousand hallelujahs and one thousand more.

Mission Possible! Make A Prayer!

A quest for a continuation of a long forgotten hajj road; to bring appreciation, acknowledgement, pay homage, to give honour and gratitude to the communities and to strengthen bonds throughout the places my eyes, wide in wonder at this world – to turn back time in As-Salt; my ears have heard the call to prayer in Mafraq; to forge new maps (How far is it to Qatrana, sir? Hhhhh) – from the ant to the airplane; you are everything in between; yes yes you Jordan.

May our hearts souls and dreams come collectively together in this time and space in connection to cosmos in constant community.

From Amman to Zarqa from Aqaba to the Umms and the Al –  to Zaatari – from the wadi to the rock of ages to the As – from and to the Dead Sea; to the Red Sea; across the chasm that separates culture and customs, the Gulf no longer visible with so much tenderness ~ from castle to castle; from trestle to trestle, from north to south; another zigzag through Zarqa, a relentless energetic effervescent effort to make the land give forth its bountiful natural bounty and unleash the power of the rising son – I told you before; I’ve told you a thousand times: the breeze at dawn holds secrets for me; but certainly for you too. With mischievous glimmers through the many shemaghs I had to wear – the wind knew I was its rival in this time and place – “We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us” – Amen Rumi

From the Rum(i) Diaries, the flames burn bright, passionate memories collide with Ma’an and Hassa and & and as the wind whips through like a callous cold but calculating lover each night the sun sets over Jurf Darawish (Dare a Wish) ..





Natalia Mihai

Just in! Straight from the Heart! 

Amazing Graceful Jordan! 

Did you hypnotize me?!!

I just kept falling in love!!?

How to travel light

“If the light is on in your heart, you will find your way home.” -Rumi

Baby, “Dance till you shatter.” – Rumi

“The orchestra is playing your song, you hear it, don’t you? Get up. It’s time. I will have this dance. Thank you for asking.” – author 

Be the whirl to my wind, if you please Jordan. Hold on – Don’t let go.

Destiny Awaits the bold and the beautiful.

My Upcoming Trips

Oh, Jordan. Han over Heart, Deep Bow

Thank you. Today and Forever. Hamdallah

My Solomons Songs: became Sufi Sonoras ~ that Rum; it sears; the one of my dreams and diaries ~ find my heart pieces – Will you?

They are strewn all along on the sands somewhere ~ my names been written evocatively on the shifting sand ~ the wind dared & blue it away; nevertheless in the valley of moon, it remains, am remembered. 

Syrian-Jordan border



Faces of Jordan

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Natalia’s top 10 tips

1. Get your Sufi Trail cap

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2. Plan and Go

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3. Train and expect

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Natalia’s Eyes

Some see, Some feel, some Do. Our Pioneer Natalia Mihai Field Operation Manager for
Mecca Trail & Sufi Trail, does it all. 

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