We all know the saying that all roads lead to Rome, what is lesser known is that many trails lead to Mecca. You can reach Mecca via the century old pilgrimage trails starting in the nearby countries of Egypt (Alexandria), Turkey (Istanbul), Iran (Bagdad), Kuwait (Basra)t or in Saudi Arabia itself starting in any of the other trails or in Jeddah. Wherever you decide to start your adventure, it will be culturally and spiritually rich and you will see beautiful nature and sceneries.

We will explore five different trails passing Bedouins on horses, palaces, and sword wielding dance events. Saudi Arabia is famous for its oil but it has so much more to offer. It is the birthplace of the Islam, it has world’s largest desert (the empty Quarter or Rub’ Al Khali) and the world’s largest oasis (Al-Ahsa) a World Heritage site. It also exports Arabian horses, Arabian coffee and hosts the camel caravan trade of Arabia. And of course It is known for the hajj ritual in Mecca and the lesser ‘umrah pilgrimage. With the relaxation of the strict rules, Saudi Arabia is opening its arms to tourists from all parts of the world to come and see its beauty and experience its hospitality. The best way to enrich yourself is tofollow the footsteps of the many pilgrims that walked before you,to smell the air, to feel the desert stones, to drink a coffee with the Arabs you meet underway on these amazing trails.

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