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The Mecca Trail is a long-distance pilgrimage route for hikers and cyclists. For physical and financially able Muslims, it is a requirement to carry out this journey on foot once in their lifetime to wipe clean past sins and start as new before Allah.


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Months walkable

Pilgrimage routes

We all know the saying that all roads lead to Rome, what is lesser known is that many trails lead to Mecca.

You can reach Mecca via the century old pilgrimage trails starting in the nearby countries of Egypt (Alexandria), Turkey (Istanbul), Iran (Bagdad and Basra), Kuwait or in Saudi Arabia itself starting in any of the other trails or in Jeddah.

Wherever you decide to start your adventure, it will be culturally and spiritually rich and you will see beautiful nature and sceneries.

Coastal Route from Alexandria to Mecca

Coastal pilgrimage route pilgrims arriving by boat or starting in Egypt and  for connecting routes from Maghreb countries

For connecting routes to Alexandria and Cairo Mecca trail relies on contacts with Tunesian, Libyan and Egyptian hiking and cycling organizations.

Ottoman Route from Istanbul to Mecca

Ancient Ottoman Hajj route connecting to Damascus and connect with Umayyad Hajj route.

In Turkey Mecca Trail cooperates with the Sufi Trail for the development of the route between Istanbul and Konya.

Bagdad route from Bagdad to Mecca

Overland route connecting Bagdad, Karbala, Basra, Kuwait with Medina to Mecca. This route gives connection to pilgrims arriving from Iran and countries connecting to Iran

Rumi trail starting from Uzbekistan gives connection till Bagdad, Irak for pilgrims coming from the East.

1000 stickers to guide you on your way in Turkey

In 2022 a crew of four cyclist went from Istanbul to Antakya by bycicle to make the life of our Mecca Trail cyclist easier. We made loads of friends and rewarded our friends that have give support to all travellers for years past. We placed 1000 stickers and more support points to make the route known for slow tourism and we love to go again and see you on the way to Mecca or Jeruzalem.


You are not alone, many millions Hajji walked before you the last 1443 years.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, all is known to Allah, and Allah will guide you from home to Mecca 

Cycling for the first time finding our way to Atakya with stickers in our bags to mark to route. And so we did place 1000 stickers for the cyclist to cross this amazing Taurus mountain range after Konya. We made new friends and hope to see them all again, if you meet them say Selam from the Mecca sticker crew, Odile, Mehmet, Sedat and Iris

Mecca Trail

100% Halal

We are all humans and pilgrims are no different. Our aim is to create an envoirement in which a pilgrim can walk or cycle on a 100% halal way. We need your help with our goals. Let us know how you can help us with 100% halal achivement.

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